ESL Expat Surveys: Polls, Questions, and Surveys for Teachers

Participate in all of our latest polls, questionnaires, and surveys about teaching English abroad.

The main topics explore advantages of teaching English in specific countries around the world.

Secondary themes will focus on other subjects, such as travel tips, food preferences, opinions about nightlife, dating in other countries, and other informative topics.

Polls, Questions, and Surveys for Teachers

Free Surveys for Teachers

Are you interested in teaching English abroad but can’t decide where to go?

You could discover your answer here.

These free surveys compare the benefits of teaching and living in different countries. After completing a survey, the results should help you make a better decision about where to go.

9 Survey Questions

Each Google Form survey consists of 9 quick multiple choice questions.

Privacy Policy

*We also value your privacy. Whenever you do a survey, your feedback is completely anonymous. Your personal information will not be collected or distributed elsewhere.

Complete List of Surveys (on Google Forms)

*Updated: March 16, 2018

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Japan China
Should you teach in Japan or China?

China South Korea
Should you teach in China or South Korea?

China Taiwan
Should you teach in China or Taiwan?

South Korea Japan
Should you teach in South Korea or Japan?

Taiwan Japan
Should you teach in Taiwan or Japan?

Taiwan South Korea
Should you teach in Taiwan or South Korea?

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Below is a comprehensive list of our surveys for each country.

Compare teaching in China to other locations

Compare teaching in Japan to other locations

South Korea
Compare teaching in South Korea to other locations

Compare teaching in Taiwan to other locations


More country comparisons and surveys are coming soon!

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