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ESL Expat: Resources for Teaching English as a Second Language

Welcome to ESL Expat online. This site is a resource for ELT instructors, students, and people who are interested in teaching English abroad.

Browse our extensive collection of fun ESL games and activities. The activities are relatively low-prep and appropriate for most ages and levels. Students and teachers can view a searchable list of English idioms and download free idiom worksheets to practice the expressions.

Read teacher stories and articles on the blog for information about teaching English in different countries. Plus, discover helpful tips for teachers, advice for students, and other TESOL-related articles.

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TESOL Jobs Teaching English Abroad and Online

Find jobs in Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America. Plus, there are many online teaching positions available.

New jobs are posted regularly on the job board and shared on social media.

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ESL Expat: Fun ESL Games, TESOL Tips & Jobs Teaching English Abroad


Fun ESL Games for Kids & Adults

Are you looking for new activities to use in your language classroom?

Check out our free ESL activities and interactive learning games.

The activities focus on developing core skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. There are also fun ESL games to help students improve their vocabulary and other English language skills.

View the ESL games and activities.

Plus, you can watch how to use many of the activities on ESL Expat’s YouTube Channel.

Need free worksheets and printables for your classes?

Try our searchable list of English idioms and phrases for teachers and students.

Download free idiom worksheets and free printable PDFs.

ESL Expat Blog: Teacher Stories and Resources

The blog features a growing compilation of teachers’ stories about teaching English abroad. Other articles on the blog explore frequently asked questions about TESOL, lesson ideas, travel tips, and advice for expats.

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ESL Expat Surveys: Polls, Questions, and Surveys for Teachers

Check out our new survey section for ESL teachers.

We have created a series of surveys to help teachers make informed decisions about where to teach.

Read more about the surveys here.

Websites & Resources for Teaching English Abroad

View our list of recommended ESL resources, including websites about language learning, teacher training, lesson planning, living abroad, jobs, travel, and more.

Browse the ESL websites and teacher resources.

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