The Best Job Sites for Teaching English in Japan (2018)

Are you looking for a new job teaching English in Japan? There are many sites online with job postings. Your search can span from page to page on Google.

Fortunately, we have edited out the clutter and nailed down “the best of the best” websites for finding teaching jobs in Japan. Hopefully, it will make your search for finding the job you want a lot easier.

Here is our revised and updated list of the top 6 job sites for teaching English in Japan.

Updated: January 2018

1. Gaijin Pot

Gaijin Pot - Jobs Teaching English in Japan

Gaijin Pot is one of the bests sites for those seeking for teaching jobs in Japan. Many teachers still recognize it as the “go to” website for landing a job in The Land of the Rising Sun. The site provides an average of about six new teaching job listings in Japan weekly.

Aspiring teachers can find both short term, part time as well as full-time teaching job opportunities in different locations within the national territory of Japan.

This site is well structured and easy to navigate as it is possible for one to conduct a search through a keyword or location. Also, job seekers can register on this site in order to receive teaching job alerts that match their search.

2. O-Hayo Sensei

O-Hayo Sensei

O-Hayo Sensei is basically an online newsletter of teaching jobs in Japan which is published twice every week. Each edition of this newsletter comes with more than forty new teaching job positions.

This newsletter is highly recommended to those seeking for teaching jobs in Japan because you will find vacancies in schools and institutions as well as positions requiring home teachers for children.

The O-Hayo Sensei Newsletter also provides general guides and advice on how to go about hunting teaching jobs in Japan. Furthermore, it is even more reasonable because each new edition is available online free of charge.

3. JALT Publications

JALT Publications

This is a series of online publications of the Japanese Association for Language Teaching. The main section in JALT Publications, which will be of interest to those who desire teaching positions in Japan, is located on the sub menu of the site titled The Language Teacher.

This sub menu is a bi-monthly publication of articles and other materials related to language teaching in the Asia. In this section, aspiring language teachers will find language teaching positions, technical information, and resources relevant to language teaching.

The site also features practical ideas for use in language classrooms. Just like O-Hayo Sensei, JALT Publications is available online totally free of charge.

4. JREC-IN Portal

JREC-IN Portal

JREC-IN Portal is a Japanese online job site where teaching jobs can also be found. All you need to do is to register on this platform where you will always be notified of available teaching vacancies matching your search.

The site is just as accessible as the others since it is possible for non-registered members to access job vacancies. JREC-IN Portal is highly recommended because at least eight new teaching positions are advertised every week.

However, it is important to note that the teaching jobs advertised here are mostly for university lecturers. Keep in mind, you will likely need at least a Master’s or a Ph.D. to work at the universities in Japan.

5. is another popular job site where short-term, part-time, and full-time teaching job vacancies can be found. The website has daily updates of new job vacancies specifically for teachers who are looking to work in Japan.

Also, the site has made it easy for job seekers to post their resumes online for potential employers. Like other job sites, this site is very easy to navigate with the option of searching by keywords.

6. Dave’s ESL Cafe

Dave's ESL Cafe

Dave’s ESL Cafe has been around since the beginning of the Internet and Netscape. This list certainly wouldn’t be complete without Dave’s legendary site. The layout of the site is looking a bit dated, but don’t let that fool you. It still remains one of the most reputable sites for people looking for teaching jobs in Asia.

Although this site concentrates more on jobs in China and Korea, it also advertises teaching jobs in Japan from time to time. You can find the Japan job listings located on the international job board section of the site. Aside from the job listings, Dave’s ESL Cafe also provides teacher resources, lesson ideas, discussion forums, and numerous links for teaching English abroad.

Dave’s site has always been very helpful for people pursuing teaching careers in Asia in general.

Honorable Mention: Japan English Teacher, Craigslist Japan


That’s the end of the website list for now. Of course, we will update the list when new job sites pop up or if others are ever relegated to the fiery depths of Mount Fuji.

Any recommendations for teaching English in Japan?

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