Fear-Setting Activity for English Language Learners

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Overcoming Language Barriers with Confidence

Learning a new language can be an intimidating journey, especially for English language learners (ELLs). Fear and anxiety often hinder progress, preventing learners from fully embracing the language acquisition process.

To tackle these emotional barriers and promote self-assurance, this 10-step fear-setting activity aims to empower ELLs and help them overcome their fears in learning English. By addressing their concerns, setting achievable goals, and building self-confidence, ELLs can progress with increased motivation and enjoyment.


Fear-Setting Activity


Fear-Setting Template PDF File

As a secondary activity, download the new fear-setting template PDF on ETSY.

Step 1: Identifying Fears

In this step, ELLs will be encouraged to reflect on their language learning fears. Whether it’s speaking in public, making mistakes, or struggling with pronunciation, they will write down their apprehensions, acknowledging and understanding their fears.

Step 2: Defining Goals

Next, ELLs will identify their language learning objectives. Whether it’s for travel, professional growth, or personal enrichment, setting clear and realistic goals helps create a roadmap for their language journey and instills a sense of purpose and direction.

Step 3: Visualizing Success

Learners will visualize themselves confidently using English, achieving their goals, and interacting effectively with native speakers. Visualization enhances motivation and primes the mind for success, reinforcing the belief that they can conquer their fears and excel in the language.

Step 4: Reframing Mistakes

Mistakes are an inevitable part of language learning. ELLs will learn to reframe mistakes as valuable learning opportunities rather than failures. Emphasizing that even native speakers make mistakes helps foster a positive and growth-oriented mindset.

Step 5: Building a Support Network

Encourage learners to find language partners or join language exchange groups to practice English in a supportive environment. Engaging with others who share similar challenges can help alleviate fears and provide constructive feedback.

Step 6: Exposure Therapy

To face their fear of speaking, learners will engage in exposure therapy. They can start by speaking English in low-stress settings, such as with friends or online language forums, gradually working their way up to more challenging situations, like group discussions or presentations.

Step 7: Language Immersion

ELLs will immerse themselves in the English language by listening to English podcasts, watching movies or TV shows, and reading books. This step helps learners become familiar with natural language patterns and boosts their confidence in understanding the language.

Step 8: Celebrating Progress

Recognizing their achievements, no matter how small, is vital for motivation. Learners will celebrate their language milestones, such as successfully ordering a meal in English or holding a short conversation, reinforcing their confidence in the learning process.

Step 9: Journaling and Self-Reflection

Encourage learners to maintain a language learning journal to track their progress and reflect on their experiences. Journaling provides an opportunity to identify areas of improvement and celebrate successes while nurturing self-awareness and resilience.

Step 10: Embracing Cultural Exchange

Lastly, learners will embrace cultural exchange as an essential aspect of language learning. Understanding different cultures through language fosters empathy and appreciation, encouraging learners to step out of their comfort zones and engage confidently with diverse communities.

Fear-Setting Activity Conclusion

By implementing this 10-step fear-setting activity, English language learners can transform their fears into stepping stones for growth. Empowered with self-assurance, a supportive community, and a growth mindset, ELLs will find joy and fulfillment in their English language journey, propelling them towards fluency and success.

Download the new fear-setting template PDF on ETSY!

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