ESL Activities for Kids and Adults


Classroom Activities for ESL Teachers & Students

Below is a growing compilation of ESL activities for kids and adults that teachers can implement in the classroom. Many of the exercises can be used as warm-up activities, extensions for a lesson, or even as the primary focus for what you plan to teach in your class for the day.

Improve Core Skills in English

The activities are divided into four main categories for developing core skills in English, including listening, speaking, reading and writing. We have also added a collection of interactive exercises for vocabulary building and kinesthetic learning activities.

Do you want to make your classes more fun and engaging?

Try using some activities based on popular TV game shows and classic board games in your classes. The activities can be used with all ages and levels.

Do you want to teach your students idioms and phrases?

Check out our new searchable list of English idioms and phrases. You can view the meanings and examples of many common expressions. Customize your own list and print it out to use in your classes.

ESL Activities for Kids and Adults

ESL Activities for Developing Core Skills

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Other Interactive ESL Activities for Kids and Adults

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English Idioms and Phrases

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