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Weather Idioms List

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Weather Idiom Worksheets for ESL Students

PDF Worksheet A: Defining Idioms & Writing Sentences with Idioms

PDF Worksheet B: Reading Idioms in Context & Describing Meanings

Fun Weather Idiom Games for the Classroom

PDF Weather Idioms Crossword

PDF Weather Idioms BINGO

PDF Weather Idioms Checklist (for BINGO)

29 Idioms and Phrases About Weather

*Updated: January 2019

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Idiom / PhraseMeaningExample Sentence
a breezeeasyRiding a tricycle is such a breeze.
break the icedoing something first in a social settingLet me break the ice and buy everyone a drink.
calm before the storma peaceful period before mayhemThe teacher is enjoying the calm before the storm. All of the students will arrive soon.
chase rainbowsattempt something that will never be achievedYou're chasing rainbows if you think you're going to be a rock star.
every cloud has a silver liningbe optimisticShe got fired but found a better job she. Every cloud has a silver lining.
fair-weather frienda person who is only a friend in good timesI try to avoid fair-weather friends. They aren't very sincere.
get a second windhave new energy after an attemptI was exhausted after 3 kilometers of running, but I got a second wind after I passed the beach.
get wind of somethingoverhear something about someone or something (often gossip)Sherry got wind that her ex-boyfriend was coming to the same bar, so she went home.
have your head in the cloudsto be unaware or obliviousYou always have your head in the clouds. Do you have any idea what's happening?
know which way the wind blowsknow the end resultNobody knows which way the wind will blow. Just try to be positive.
on cloud ninevery happyElizabeth was on cloud nine when she put on the diamond ring.
put on icepostponeLet's put this problem on ice and get back to it tomorrow.
rain on someone else's paradeinfringe on someone's happinessStop raining on my parade whenever you get miserable.
raining cats and dogsraining heavilyIt's raining cats and dogs. Remember your umbrella.
ray of hopea slight chance that something positive will occurShe still had a ray of hope that she would get into medical school.
right as rainfeeling very well or fitAfter a walk through the park, I feel as right as rain. My mind feels clear.
save for a rainy daysave money in case something unfortunate happensYou should save for a rainy day. You could get injured or become unemployed.
shoot the breezechitchatLet's grab lunch and shoot the breeze.
skate on thin icedo something riskyHe was skating on thin ice when he insulted the boss.
snowed underhaving too much work to doI'm really snowed under now. Can I do the report tomorrow?
steal someone's thunderto take credit for someone else's achievementSome companies steal another's thunder and ignore copyright laws.
storm in a teacupmake a small problem bigger than it isDon't make a storm in a teacup. We can go to another restaurant that doesn't require reservations.
storm is brewingan indication that something bad could occurA feel like a storm is brewing and the stock market is about to crash.
take a raincheckreschedule at another timeCan I take a raincheck? I don't have time to hang out tonight.
take the wind out of my sailsto feel deflatedYou really took the wind out of my sails when you laughed at my new invention.
the tip of the iceberga small part of a bigger problemThe tax evasion was just the tip of the iceberg. The company has committed countless other crimes.
throw caution to the windto let go of all responsibilities and have funLet's throw caution to the wind, quit our jobs, and go on vacation!
under the weatherfeel sickSorry, I can't come to work today. I'm feeling a bit under the weather.
when it rains, it poursmany misfortunes often occur all at onceLast week, my dog died and I broke my leg. When it rains, it pours.

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