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Dog Idioms List

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Dog Idiom Worksheets for ESL Students

PDF Worksheet A: Defining Idioms & Writing Sentences with Idioms

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35 Idioms and Phrases About Dogs

*Updated: November 2021

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Idiom / PhraseMeaningExample Sentence
a barking dog never bitesa person who constantly threatens never actsDon't worry about his vocal threats. He won't hurt you physically.
bark up the wrong treepursue misguided actionStop accusing me. I'm innocent. You're barking up the wrong tree!
call your dogs offstop criticizing or attackingI paid you all of the money. I don't owe you anything. Call your dogs off!
dog and bonea telephoneShe is speaking with her boyfriend on the dog and bone.
dog and pony showelaborate presentationThe designer bag showcase was such a dog and pony show.
dog daysvery hot daysThe dog days of summer are really humid and uncomfortable.
dog-earedfolded corners of pages in a bookHe dog-eared the pages of the book instead of using a bookmark.
dog-eat-dog worldcompetitiveAmerican political debates are a dog-eat-dog world.
dog-tiredvery tiredShe was dog-tired after running the marathon.
dog's bollocksthe bestThat new Tesla is the dog's bollocks.
dog's breakfastvery messyHer mother was upset because her son's room was like a dog's breakfast.
doggy bagfood taken home after a restaurant mealMy girlfriend barely ate her dinner so she asked the waiter for a doggy bag.
dogs of wardestruction caused by warFamine and poverty are unfortunately common dogs of war.
dogsbodysomeone who does all the workThe chef was the dogsbody in the kitchen. Everyone else broke dishes.
double dog darechallenge defiantlyShe double dog dared me to go hang gliding so I had to do it!
every dog has its dayeveryone has success eventuallyKeep shooting and you will score. Every dog has its day.
glory houndsomeone looking for fortune or fameHe's such a glory hound. He loves the attention from the press.
hair of the dogdrinking alcohol to cure a hangoverThe hair of the dog is the best remedy for a hangover.
hot dogshow offWhat a hot dog! He's stickhandling the puck around every player!
in the dog housein troubleThe coach won't let me play. I'm in the dog house.
lazy as a dogvery lazyI was lazy as a dog last weekend. I stayed in bed on Saturday and Sunday.
lead a dog's lifeunhappy lifeHer father lead a dog's life trying to raise her and she never appreciated him.
let sleeping dogs lieavoid interfering in something that may create troubleDon't bring up old arguments. It's best to let sleeping dogs lie.
let the dog see the rabbitremove unnecessary obstructionsIt's time to let the dog see the rabbit. Bring the batter up to the big leagues!
puppy dog eyesinnocent facial expressionHis daughter showed him puppy dog eyes after dropping his ice cream cone.
puppy loveintense but shallow romantic attachmentPeople usually feel puppy love when they are teenagers.
raining cats and dogsraining heavilyIt's raining cats and dogs. Remember your umbrella.
rock hounda geologistThe gold miner is such a rock hound. He is going to be very wealthy.
run with the big dogscompete with the top performersIt's time to run with the big dogs when you play in the Premier League.
see a man about his doggo to the bathroomI left the dinner table to see a man about his dog.
sick as a dogvery sickI was sick as a dog on Monday, so I couldn't go to work.
three dog nightvery coldLooks like it's going to be a three dog night. It's going to minus 40 degrees.
throw to the dogsallow someone to be attackedWhy did you throw me to the dogs yesterday? I couldn't defend myself.
wag the dogdistract attention fromThe politician wags the dog to prevent people from discovering his scandal.
work like a dogwork very hardMy boss has me working like a dog.

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