The Best Job Sites for Teaching English in Taiwan (2018)

When it comes to teaching English in Asia, Taiwan is a favorable destination for many people due to its warm weather and friendly people. You can learn Mandarin while making a decent salary that allows you to save some cash and travel to different parts of the island in your free time.

Plus, it’s reasonably affordable and easy to live in Taiwan. There are a lot of similar conveniences of living in a western country, especially if you are in a larger city like Taipei or Kaohsiung.

Taiwan is also an ideal hub for flying to other places in Southeast Asia.

Although the ESL job market is not the same as it was a decade ago, there are still many opportunities available if you know where to look. This article will highlight the six best job sites for teaching English in Taiwan.


TEALIT - Teaching English in Taiwan

TEALIT is an acronym for “Teaching English and Living in Taiwan” and the website is the first place that most people go to when looking for a teaching job in the country. The site includes several sections, including different job boards, classifieds, events, language exchanges, and other articles for foreigners living in Taiwan.

When you browse through their boards, you will see a lot of job offerings from the big chain schools like HESS, Joy, and KOJEN English centers. Smaller academies post on there as well. There is a diverse selection of both full-time and part-time positions available. On average, you will see about 5 posts per day on the main board.

There are also sections where people can post tutoring jobs. Lots of parents are looking for people to teach their kids one-on-one and some adults are looking for conversation classes too.

Teachers also have the option of posting on the tutoring board. You can state your personal details, such as your nationality, educational background, years of teaching experience, and location etc.

If you are interested in teaching in Taiwan, TEALIT is definitely a great place to start your search.

2. ESL Dewey

ESL Dewey

The ESL Dewey website has quite a large collection of jobs available for teachers to choose from. The advantage of their job board is that you can conveniently select which type of teaching position you would like to view.

For instance, on the left-hand column (or in the search options), you can choose from language schools, regular schools, college/universities, corporate, or tutoring positions etc. You can even find work teaching students online.

Jobs on ESL Dewey are posted on a frequent basis, so you may want to check back often to see what’s new.

Browsing through the posts, you will notice that there are a lot of cram school positions for teaching kids and adults. When you view the job descriptions, you can see the teaching schedule for when they want you to teach (in the morning, afternoon, and/or evening shifts).

Many of the jobs that are posted on ESL Dewey are in mainland China; however, it is also an excellent resource for finding work in Taiwan.

3. Teach in Taiwan

Teach Taiwan

Another good resource for finding teaching positions in Taiwan is the appropriately named “Teach Taiwan” website. The site is user-friendly and not overly cluttered with banner ads or other distracting media.

When you visit their homepage, you will see three main sections. One area is for schools to post jobs. The second section allows teachers to post their resume online so schools can find them. The other section is for advertising and promotional opportunities for schools.

On the main page, you can see all of the jobs that are available. Approximately five to ten positions are posted per week. Usually, you can find work at smaller institutes, universities, and international schools. Full-time and part-time positions are available as well.

Just like TEALIT, you can post your own personal information on the site and get people to contact you about tutoring opportunities. Generally, teachers tend to post on this section every couple of days, so it’s not flooded with competition. It may be a good way for you to find extra work.

4. English in Taiwan

EIT - English in Taiwan

The EIT site features even more information about teaching English in Taiwan.

As far as their job section is concerned, there aren’t as many postings compared to the other sites. However, occasionally, they have opportunities for teaching at smaller language academies. Many jobs are posted by recruiters. Contact them via the job posts and they will be able to connect you will a good school that suits your preferences.

EIT also has other helpful resources for teachers and foreigners living in Taiwan. For example, they include articles about traveling, culture, shopping, entertainment, learning Mandarin, and other useful information.

Their Teacher’s Hub section is particularly informative about how to find teaching jobs in Taiwan.

5. Career Jet

Career Jet Taiwan

You may have already heard of the Career Jet website. The international job site is not dedicated to employing teachers specifically; however, it does feature many English teaching positions that are available in Taiwan.

One of the biggest advantages of the site that you can customize your search in the search box. Also, there tends to be more variety regarding the types of schools to choose from. There are private school jobs, public school jobs, listings by recruiters, and other opportunities posted regularly.

Many of the posts are received from feeds via other job sites like Total ESL, ESL Job Feed, and ESL Cafe. Because of this aggregation feature, the chance of you finding something that you like on there is probably much higher.

So if you want to teach in Taiwan, Career Jet is worth checking out.

6. Dave’s ESL Cafe

Dave's ESL Cafe

Surprise, surprise. If you read our other job site reviews about teaching English in Japan, Korea, or China, then you likely saw Dave’s ESL Cafe on the lists.

Dave’s ESL Cafe features plenty of English teaching positions in Taiwan too.

On the international job board, you can see multiple posts for teaching at kindergartens, large chain schools, public schools, and other institutes in Taiwan.

Honorable Mention: Jimmy ESL, ESL Authority

That concludes the review of the best sites teaching English in Taiwan. So sit back with your Bubble Tea and enjoy life on the island when you get there.

Any recommendations for teaching English in Taiwan?

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