Online English Teacher

Fluentella is a small up-and-coming (boutique) online language academy for kids and adults aged five years and older. We are looking for a qualified native-speaking English teacher to join our team as soon as possible.

Please note: we are NOT mass hiring. The hiring process is longer than other online companies as we will only proceed with the best candidate. This position is for an English teacher looking to join a small group of dedicated language teachers (we are really like a family) who are also interested in developing his / her skills as an educator and willing to go the extra mile.

We are looking for educators who can teach English from the comfort of their own homes and the hours that suit them. If you prefer real teaching and authentic interaction with your students rather than using out-of-date and one size fits all lessons, this job is for you.

*lessons are provided but you are still expected to personalize each lesson to suit the individual student

*the majority of our students are from Europe (Spain, Italy) or from South Korea. Peak time would be 5PM-midnight (KST) / 4AM – noon (EDT) / 6PM-1AM (AEST) depending on where you are located.

Payment per hour: $20 USD per hour
referral bonus of $20 USD per student

$20 per hour

Candidates need to be flexible, willing to improve, and knowledgeable about second or third language learning. You also need to meet the following criteria:

– be a native speaking English instructor from the USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand
– have a minimum of 2 years of experience teaching kids or adults this specific language
– a certificate, degree, or similar qualification in teaching languages
– have at least three reachable references that we can contact
– be willing and have the time to go through our training course and 5 hours of teaching practice (paid) before officially getting hired
– be familiar with teaching students from different cultures, languages, and levels, preferably from Korea, China, and Japan.

Technical requirements:

– upload and download speeds of at least 5 Mbps each (preferably fiber and not a WiFi connection). This is essential for successful online communication.

Please visit to apply, or send your updated CV and recent picture to