ESL Instructor for Camp David English School in Taiwan

🏫 Camp David English School

We’re looking for native speakers who are passionate about ESL teaching. If this description fits your character, please stick around and read for more information about our job details.

Located in Yuanlin City, Changhua, Camp David English school was established in year 2000, with sufficient staff support and ample experience. At Camp David English School, we take pride in our nature-friendly campus, thus if you love including your teachings with activities, Camp David provides spacious rooms and outdoor playgrounds at your disposal. The area of the entire campus is about 1322 square meters (1581 square yards). Additionally, Camp David English School encourages our teachers to challenge their teaching methods in a creative manner, with given materials.

Why Changhua?

It is quite common for candidates to prioritize big cities such as Taipei. If you are a traveler but also into a more laid-back living style, Changhua is definitely a place for you. In Changhua, you will experience the most authentic Taiwanese culture and enjoy the one and only delicious Taiwanese cuisines. Camp David English School is only 6 minutes of drive from the Yuanlin train station which fulfills your adventurous spirit. Taichung, the nearest big city is only half an hour away by train. Also, if you are planning to make savings for future plans or to pay off student loans, the low living expense will be a great help. On top of that, Camp David offers part-time teaching hours with hourly pay.

Interested? Let’s talk more😊

πŸ“†Commencement date: September 1st, 2022
πŸ“Œ Class Size: 15~20 students
πŸ“Œ Weekly teaching hours: 22.5 hours or more if extra earning is desired

πŸ“œ Compensation package:
πŸ’° Monthly Salary: 60,000 NTD and above depending on individual teaching experience
(Teachers are likely to earn around 80,000 NTD a month with extra teaching hours)
Evening extra teaching hours paid at 650 NTD per hour
3~5 hours provided for each week

πŸ“Œ Job perks:
Work Permit
Free lunch provided
All national holidays and weather-related (typhoon) days off are included in your monthly salary.
One-week-long paid vacation twice a year (summer break and winter break)
Contract Renewal Raise at 2,000 NTD
Health Insurance

βœ… Requirements
Native English Speaker
BA degree diploma or above
If not, a TESOL or TEFL certificate is required
Both requirements met are best

If you are interested in the position and would like to know more, please send your CV via email at: