2022 Balboa September recruiting are opening now!

If you want to know more, please send the resume to us and we will contact you after seeing your resume. Candidates who are currently living in China are preferred. Welcome your coming.

Experience: Relevant experience is preferred

Job Summary:

To create and deliver informative and engaging lessons that enable student learning and meet the requirements of the dual diploma program.

Subject: ESL/Math/Literature/US Government/History/Economic etc.

Job role:
To create and deliver informative and engaging lessons that enable student learning and meet the requirements of the dual diploma program.


1. Curriculum:
a. Produce a module outline for every course you will teach, highlighting the learning objectives in accordance with the common curriculum standards
b. Prepare lessons in line with the Balboa curriculum and use approved text
c. Design a semester/syllabus plan outlining what will be taught each week, what resources will be used, what methods will be employed, and how students will be assessed.

2. Education quality and student attainment
a. Design and deliver varied and interactive lessons
b. Prepare materials and resources to use in class, including the use of IT
c. Assess students in line with Balboas grading guide, using a variety of assessments designed to meet the individual needs of the student
d. Create makeup assessments and alternative assessments for students who miss/fail specific assessments
e. Create a plan to provide extra support and additional evaluations to students who are in danger of failing the semester
f. Plan, monitor and assess work for students doing re-takes; inform the student and school/parents of progress
g. Follow the assessment procedures, including exam preparation and moderation
h. Set and mark homework for every class
i. Design materials and organize activities for Clubs, special event and other extra-curricular activities, e.g., Christmas, graduation celebrations
j. Enforce classroom rules in line with the student handbook and student discipline policy
k. Provide pastoral and counseling support to students including discussions and tutorials
l. Ensure a safe and healthy environment for learning.
m. Provide cover teaching for absent colleagues
n. Complete monthly reports on individual students, noting grade, attendance, strengths, and areas to improve
o. Undertake month tutorial sessions with your students as allocated by the curriculum manager.

3. Teacher development
a. Attend workshops and coaching sessions to improve teaching knowledge and practice.
b. Implement post-observation development plans

4. Administration and record-keeping:
a. Ensure that grading and other required information is entered into PowerSchool or FACTS accurately and to the required deadline
b. Complete student attendance records accurately and to the deadline for every class
c. Complete and review the student support plan
d. Ensure that lesson plans are completed
e. Produce student reports from PowerSchool

5. Meetings and communication
a. Attend the weekly program meetings
b. Attend workshops and observation feedback sessions
c. Prepare for and participate in parent-student meetings
d. Participate in promotional/celebration events organized by the partner school or BIE
e. Participate in other school-related activities as and when requested

6. Other
a. Work on specific tasks set by the Curriculum manager commensurate with the position
b. Follow all school/BIE policies and contract conditions
c. Undertake reasonable additional duties required by the Curriculum Manager

If you want more information, please email your resume via the apply link below, we will contact you. We look forward to hearing from you.

1. Candidates who are currently living in China are preferred

2. Relevant experience is preferred; Native speaker is preferred
3. It is better to have all materials to take work visa;

Salary and Benefits
We can discuss when we have interviewed.