Akoyikoyi School, Elementary School Teacxher


Akoyikoyi School is a K-8 tuition free school serving at risk and high needs children in Chuuk State of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). About 98% of our children are ESL students. We are looking for teachers to teach our core subjects (Oral English, English Reading & Mathematics) as well as other subjects for which you are qualified. BS/BA College Degree preferred, but also able to accept those with 2-3 years of college education.

We prefer a minimum two-year teaching commitment. We provide airfare, lodging and transportation to/from school as needed. Our salary includes payment of all your required tax and social security. U.S. passport holders can work in Chuuk without a work permit or visa. Non-US will have to get the required work permit. We will assist you.

Please visit our Facebook pages: (1) Akoyi Koyi, (2) SHIP-HOOPS & Akoyikoyi School

If interested, please send an email and a copy of your resume to:

>Clark Graham: rekiichuuk2@gmail.com
>Kimberly Graham: akoyikoyiprincipal691@gmail.com (808) 699-5440

Thank you,
Clark Graham
Akoyikoyi School
P.O. Box 1704
Chuuk, FM 96942